The Purpose of the Initiate Level is to…

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The first chosen one attainment level focuses on awareness of self, others, the world, and acknowledging your present and past circumstances. You start by looking at your past and identifying the experiences that have profoundly affected your life. This will help with overcoming any self-defeating or harmful habits, characteristics, relationships, substances, and define areas for […]

Knowledge Alone is Not Power

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I used to think that knowledge is power. However, I have discovered that knowledge alone is not power. Power comes through action, and most training classes and schools focus only on knowledge. I now understand knowledge must be paired with ability, confidence, vision, and action. For more information,  order the book. Gain confidence Take action […]

What is it I believe about myself that is untrue?

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What is it I believe about myself that is untrue and is holding me back? The Dynamics Model, from a previous chapter, provides a framework to understand better self-esteem and how the self-chosen one elements interrelate. As you learned, it is similar to a solar system, with your core beliefs at its center. Its true […]