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Joseph C. Parker Author, Host of the PYL Podcast


Joseph C. Parker is an author, radio host, cyber security expert, and the founder of Program Your Life Radio who lives in Washington State.  He is a published co-author in Here’s How I Did It (Stardom Books, 2014).  He has an MBA from Seattle University.  After spending 25 years in high technology, he set out to transform the media industry with ideas gained from PSYCH-K, PSI Seminars, Bob Proctor, and Burklyn Global.  He can be found online at
He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Finance and a Master of Business Administration from Seattle University with an information systems emphasis.  He is also a successful real estate investor and computer network security expert for the US Navy.
Joseph has built an extensive online business platform which includes several websites and social media networks.  His weekly self-help blog is read by his subscriber list and is syndicated through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Plurk.  He hosts the Program Your Life audio podcast with Kimberly Parker which interviews authors and speakers.  This is distributed on iTunes,, Spreaker, and Stitcher.  He has featured speakers such as Andy Dooley, Nadine Lajoie, and Ernesto Sirolli in recent episodes.
He is also the founder of the 24 hour free streaming Internet station called Program Your Life Radio.  This revolutionary radio station is devoted to personal growth speakers, inspiring music, live shows, and meditations.  Joseph has content agreements in place with some of the top motivational speakers such as Bob Proctor, Jim Britt, Nadine Lajoie, and Andy Dooley.

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Interview Questions for Joe

  1. What are the five personal attainment levels?
  2. How do I choose myself for greatness?
  3. What is the myth of the chosen one?
  4. Why did you create the Dynamics Model and what is it?
  5. Who can benefit from studying the Key Concepts Matrix?
  6. What are programs and why did you create Program Your Life Radio?
  7. What can you tell me about the PYL Podcast?
  8. What inspired you to write The Rise of the Chosen Ones?


Joseph C. Parker Author, Host of the PYL Podcast JosephCParker

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