Praise from Authors

Bob-Proctor“I’ve noticed something that is missing from most personal success books and courses. Their strategies for success may be sound, but they seldom address the student’s lack of belief.  However, that’s not the case here, Joseph Parker reveals a powerful process to create strong self-belief.”
     —Bob Proctor, is widely regarded as one of the living masters and teachers of The Law of Attraction
andy-dooleyThe Rise of the Chosen Ones: How to Choose Yourself for Greatness, is a must read. He gives you practical steps and guidelines for developing the proper mindset so you can shatter your limiting beliefs and achieve the greatness you desire now.”
     —Andy Dooley, Co-founder of TUT.COM and creator of Vibration Activation™
jim-britt“This book offers some valuable insights that will challenge you to leap beyond your current comfort level, strengthen your effectiveness and live a more fulfilling life overall.”
     —Jim Britt, 13 Time Best-selling Author, Keynote Speaker
nadine_lajoie1“Everyone needs a framework as a guide on their personal success journey.  No other book provides the complete steps from initial awareness to ultimately mastering your life.  In the book, The Rise of the Chosen Ones: How to Choose Yourself for Greatness, by Joseph C. Parker, the concepts needed at each level are provided to track your progress.”
     —Nadine Lajoie, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, NadineRacing.com

Praise From Readers

“Wow, after reading your book, I see that we are very similar. In fact while reading your book I was thinking – it sounds very much like I do; I could have written that. Our philosophies are for the most part identical. I really like the way you came up with a Maslowian way to combine so many schools of growth including the Law of Attraction, the Twelve Steps, Living the Now, the I Am and more with a simple and concise progression with verbs and action to carry someone on a practical and daily path to a better more fulfilling and happier life. KUDOs to you!”
Bob (I Am) Estaño
“My opinion is that your work is more than a book, and to label it a book creates lesser importance. I feel it is more similar to a text that someone can study similar to a Manual to accomplish the steps you display to be A Chosen One. Yes,  it is a Manual: it can be reread, studied and referred for a refresher or for clarity when needed.”
John Estes
“It was an absolute pleasure being one of the first ones to read your book and it was very helpful too and I loved the way you sprinkled your Call to Actions in the book!  I would definitely buy the book for someone, especially people I know who are stuck in a rut so they can discover how to choose themselves. I would also buy it for those who are close to their goals, but need clarity in dealing with everything they are going through and that shows up, etc. What I realized in reading the book was that in my dating relationships I was indeed waiting to be chosen.”
L.J. Jackson
“You have written a comprehensive guidebook that makes a significant contribution to the field of personal development.   Indeed your book offers  what I believe has been missing in this genre, namely a matrix of how various linear themes of growth interact  with each other and become the basis of the five  stages of attainment  in  becoming the chosen ones.
I would recommend your book to everyone in hopes they would examine the totality of their life and take what they consider helpful.  However, knowing there are many who are coasting along in their life, I would recommend it to those who are searching and on a quest to discover more about themselves and the journey to become a “chosen one”.
My feedback to you Joe, is that I am impressed with your work which more than being a book, is a living testament to life, and the recognition that the journey to become a chosen one rests within oneself.  There are many factors that influence the journey, but ultimately it Is the Chosen  Ones who will claim their place in history.  Your book is based on a democratic principle that we can all become Chosen Ones.”
Kathy Murguia
“The Rise of the Chosen Ones is a surprising work of simple, yet profound concepts. It is an easy read that simply and effectively explains each step of the process of rising to the level of “Master” as a “Chosen One.” More than just another self-help book, Parker’s work provides insight into many of life’s fundamental issues and difficulties and provides real solutions and methods for solving them, not just coping methods.
Parker has managed to fundamentally explain the primary purpose of this life; choice, and provide instruction on its effective use in everyday life.  “Chosen Ones” helps you to understand yourself and some of the fundamental functions of the human mind. While many of the concepts may seem familiar, “Chosen Ones” goes far beyond simplistic positive thinking philosophies by providing a structured method of reprogramming the way one thinks about themselves, their life, and their relationships.
I am so impressed with this work that I intend to keep a copy for me as it is one of those books that you can continually go back to in order help you place things in the proper perspective and deal with life’s challenges in an effective and healthy manner. I also intend to make this a gift to many of my family and friends.”
J.W. Jones, Author, Veteran, Entrepreneur