I Am One of the Chosen Ones! I Don’t Need Anyone Else to Choose Me.

Have you noticed how many chosen one themed movies there are? The silver screen is flooded with heroes, kings, and masked marvels. We enjoy chosen one myth movies; I believe because we all want to be chosen for greatness from humble means. The stories help us imagine a future where we become special and powerful, one where we can transform into the person we wish to become.

Many of us wait for the opportunity to be chosen. We wait for a job promotion, or to be accepted into a management-training program. We wait to be selected for the acting part that will launch our performance career or for a leading role in our lives instead of supporting others dreams and goals. We wait for that great business idea, for the stock market to change, or for the economy to improve. We wait to be selected to sing or act on The Voice, a reality show, or America’s Got Talent. We simply wait and wait for others and outside events to choose us.

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The Rise of the Chosen Ones: How to Choose Yourself for Greatness.

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