The Purpose of the Journeyman Level is to Put Your Goals into Action

The fourth chosen one attainment level is about belief and becoming action oriented. Confidence is gained by doing and showing commitment and  persistence.  Here you will take action steps towards your goals and begin to overcome the fear walls. You will learn to use strategies, have fun, and persistence will be developed by staying in motion. Making steady progress towards your goals is the journeyman stage.
You will take advantage of many proven success strategies such as intellectual property, win-win, leverage, distraction management, and seeking excellence, not perfection. You will connect with infinite intelligence. You will seek out and join forces with others who are on the same path.
What will emerge is a rock solid, positive belief system about yourself and  your  abilities.  You  will  use  the  tools of responsibility, overcoming fears, negotiation, and accomplishment to fuel your future and passion. The magic of transformation in your life is about to happen.
Trust  the process and take the risks that are necessary   to keep moving. Always take the next step and don’t worry about the outcome. You cannot foresee the wonders that will result from unwavering progress…

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