What’s More Effective, Strategies or Personal Beliefs?

Most people think that in order to be successful they must find the right business strategy.  Our entire education system and most business courses and seminars are set up this way.  Our universities provide extensive knowledge from all the major schools of thought.  There are also many business courses and seminars that focus on real estate, the stock market, sales, and Internet marketing.  These strategies are presented as the best way to obtain success regardless of the student’s personal beliefs.  The emotion side of success is ignored.

Unfortunately, the historical evidence is that most business strategies will only work for a small percentage of the students.  Why do strategies alone have such a low probability of success?  The truth is that knowledge alone is not power.  If knowledge alone were power then all academics would be wildly successful and we know that is not the case.  The overlooked element is whether the students personal beliefs are in alignment with the success.

Many if not most people have limiting beliefs of what they are capable of doing and achieving.  Many do not feel worthy of success.  They have never fully accepted or forgiven themselves for events in their past.  This manifests itself in destructive behaviors such as over indulgence in food, shopping, sex, alcohol, tattoos, or drugs.  These are forms of self-sabotage that prevent us from having success because we feel we don’t deserve it.

Due to this common problem many people will find more success sooner by working on their personal beliefs instead of strategies.  You see, until our limiting beliefs are released there will always be someone standing in the way….ourselves.  Our need to be right about our beliefs is undeniable.  We will prevent our own success in order to stay in alignment with our negative beliefs.  We will ensure our own failure because we create our world based upon our beliefs.

However, once our beliefs are in alignment with success, the rest is easy.  The strategies that once eluded us now work like magic.  There is no more resistance to moving forward because now we believe we deserve it.  We actually begin to propel ourselves forward because we are no longer dragging the baggage of self-loathing behind us.  We are released from this burden and can move freely towards our goals and dreams.  Changing beliefs is not easy but it can be done.

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