The Purpose of the Apprentice Level is to Choose a Life Purpose

The Purpose of the Apprentice Level is to Set Goals and Choose a Life Purpose Based Upon Your Values.  You Get to Recreate Yourself as You Always Wanted.

At the apprentice attainment level, you get to decide what you want and set goals for your new future. You get an opportunity to recreate yourself and develop belief you can obtain it. You will include joy and fun in your goals, and they will be in alignment with your values. Do not worry about how they will materialize. Just set the goals and allow the universe to figure out the best method. Your goals will be put into action as a journeyman…

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  • Gain confidence
  • Take action on your goals
  • Have more success
  • Learn the dynamics model
  • Discover the master attainment level wdytya_order_from_amazon